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tween lakes feed solutions


If you are looking for more than just your normal bear and deer feed, something healthier and more natural than most feeds, look no further. Tween Lakes Feed provides quality peas to help your deer to grow big impressive antlers, increase mass, and benefit the overall health and body condition of your deer herd. Adding their oats to your bear baiting program will absolutely help your bears and keep them coming back for more. Best of all, they can't pick it up and walk away with it, forcing the bears to stay in front of you.


mckinstry chrysler


The Real Deal Ram was supplied by McKinstry Chrysler. After the last few years, and quite a few hunts together, McKinstry’s and The Real Deal have created the perfect partnership. McKinstry’s is a huge part of The Real Deal's success; both in the field and on the road.


Portable winch company


The Real Deal team was in the market for a portable winch and when we came across Portable Winch Company the search was over. Whether it's a gas powered or battery powered winch, whether its industrial size or personal size they have you covered. And........ it's not just winches, Portable Winch Company has all the accessories and parts you could want to go along with your winch. 


scorpion outdoor optics

With their head office only 4 hours away from The Real Deal’s head office, partnering with Scorpion Optics was a natural fit. We love their products so much that we even sell them in our outdoors store in Dryden, Ontario. Affordability and quality combine to make these optics exactly what the working class needs

Karoo taxidermy

One of the most common questions I get asked about going to Africa is..... "How do you get your trophies?" This is one of the simplest parts of the entire trip. Karoo Taxidermy takes care of it all. They pick up the trophies from your outfitter, do all the taxidermy work and get it shipped directly to you. Quality product/Fair pricing - Creating Lasting impressions since 1998.


Tactacam is just a natural choice for The Real Deal team as it is the best, simplest, highest quality and affordable POV camera on the market. When a company's hashtag is #shareyourhunt how can we NOT #shareourhunt!


The Real Deal team is thrilled to receive photos to their phones with all the excitement happening at our sites from the Reveal Cell Cameras. These cameras don't miss a thing!


The Real Deal team has been using Altan Safe Outdoors products for many many years now. Qulity products at a very affordable price from this great Canadian Company.


All of The Real Deal's promotional items come from Envision, because they do business with PEOPLE, not companies... and we are all people!!!

Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies

One of the best family run businesses I have ever seen with incredible customer service. Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies is not only where we get our trapping supplies from in Canada, but we also send our Canadian friends there for their trapping supplies.

the walkabout company

When Marc goes to Africa, he uses nothing but clothing from The Walkabout Company - But they are so much more than Safari swag......
As their tagline says "Come Say G'Day".


When The Real Deal travels, whether it's to Africa, Wisconsin turkey hunting or on a fly in moose hunt it's nice to keep in touch with family and ZOLEO solves all the communication issues and saves on those huge cell bills when traveling outside of your cell range. Worldwide seamless coverage via wifi, cell and satellite coverage. ZOLEO - Count on your Connection.

bear balls

BEAR BALLS, yes a funny name, but serious results. If you need a way to keep the bears coming to a bait site in between baitings, then look no further because this is your answer!!!

northwoods bear products

I have been using Northwoods Bear Products for a many years now because it works. To have them as a partner is just icing on the cake (or maybe I should say Gold Rush on the bear bait).