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April of 2020 - Marc was honoured to be asked to be guest speaker at the Parkland Outdoor Show and Expo in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. With this event happening just days prior to him leaving on his third trip to Africa, his topic of choice was Africa and the African conservation efforts. During this show Marc, discussed many aspects of going on a trip to Africa and highlighted the ease of making a trip like this. Marc is also very passionate about the South African conservation efforts and has learned a lot about what they do to protect their animals and he shared that in his discussion at the show. Marc had several stories to tell about what the locals do and how effective their conservation efforts are. Marc is proud to hunt, harvest and eat the South African game. Marc also is proud of the fact that a lot of the money he spends over there goes directly to the ongoing conservation efforts.


Watch Marc's presentation at the Dryden Rotary Club!
Marc was a guest speaker at the Dryden Rotary Club on January 9, 2019.

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Original air date July 23, 2017

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