The REAL DEAL with Marc McNay


A few years ago, "The Real Deal" participated in a reality TV show called "The Search". Although we were the smallest team with the smallest budget, we still managed to come in 2nd place, and due to our "extreme professionalism" we were asked to produce our very own full season TV show.

As we enter our 10th year of filming, we still carry the same values we started with in the very beginning. We produce a real life TV show without any staged scenes, creating a show with high standards and a show that the public can relate to. Our experienced team will continue to showcase a variety of outdoor activities from across North America including trapping, fishing, outfitted hunts as well as private personal hunts.

The Real Deal team takes great pride in capturing real life hunts, just as they happen. We really are the guys and girls next door. We work hard, and play hard, and we share our adventures with our viewers exactly as they unfold.

Marc McNay

altMarc McNay (founder of The Real Deal) grew up hunting the wilds of Northwestern Ontario. With his new found enthusiasm of videoing hunts, Marc has expanded not only his passion for the hunt, but also his hunting area. Although Marc does not consider himself to be a trophy hunter, he has managed to acquire some fine trophies while filling his freezer at the same time. Marc has a growing arsenal of camera gear to assist in his passion for filming. Top this off with running a successful outdoors business plus doing a bit of guiding, leaves Marc chasing his dreams and wildlife for a large part of the year.

Camera Girl Amber

Whether it be still shots or video, Amber Fecho has always enjoyed being behind a camera. With a natural eye for capturing the moment, it has become a rewarding experience to have a purpose as Camera Girl Amber. Amber is an animal lover and has done some wild rescue work. She is brand new to hunting and with her love for animals and food, she strives to humanely harvest animals that have lived free and natural lives. With great organizational and computer skills, Amber also assists Marc as his assistant and website designer.

Bill McKinstry


Bill McKinstry, Dealer Principal of McKinstry Chrysler, started off as a sponsor of the show, but once Marc and Bill did a few hunts together, they grew a strong friendship which has also led to Bill becoming a teammate. Bill has traveled twice to Africa with Marc plus has joined him on many bear and goose hunts over the last few years.

Lorne McNay


Lorne McNay (Marc’s Father) is the reason for Marc’s love of the outdoors. Lorne’s passion for fishing and hunting is second to none. Lorne is also the unofficial Team Manager at The Real Deal. With his many ideas, thoughts and recommendations he has taken over the manager roll all on his own. When not hunting with Marc, he is waiting for updates
on his iPad about the team's adventures.